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Count Raven - Wolfmoon

Yeni Şarkı Eklemek İçin Tıklayın Şarkı Ekle      Hata DüzeltHata Düzelt
[performed by Count Raven]

Something in the distance
Something is approaching
There's a village in the valley
The windows has no light's on

We stopped by the roadside, realized that we were lost
To check our maps and have a break
The wind was still, not one sound was heard
It was then all trees started to shake

Full moon is rising
Over wooded mountains
Trees in color silver
The nature it is moving

Like a deer that stands there frozen With no place left to hide
Will the hunter let it live or let it die
Runned to the car and screamed, just drive!

Don't worry, just stand still, we'll take good care of you
I was so scared I could not move!
Slowly we were seduced for them to have their feast
Is it a dream or is it real?

Wheels they are screaming!
As we are leaving
Never to return here
Away from this nightmare
Heading for Vienna
Decided to cross the mountains
We wanted to take the small roads
Then suddenly, there we were
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