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Crystal Viper - Voices In My Head

Albüm Adı:Possession
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How can I tell them? What to do?
What if I am crazy too?
Should I tell them, or should I not?
Is this way to go, or not?

What if they will not understand?
But to live like that I can't...
I will tell them, they'll help me!
Other solution I don't see

Voices I hear
What is worse: them or my fear?

And once again
Voices in my head I hear
They are like pain
They want something, they are near.

They talk again!
Do they have something to tell?
Am I insane?
Are they from the place called hell?

Just look at her, did you see? That is weird, what might that be?
Is she sick or maybe possessed?
Or if it is God's plan, it's the test?

I tell you, I know what it means
Punishment: for our sins!
You know it's not single nightmare
There is evil living in her!

Voices inside
In my head, night after night

For the reverend we need to call
He's the one, will save her soul
He was doing that in the past
Maybe Julia's soul will then rest?

It is too much, how can we live
He will help her, let's believe
Messenger of God, holy man
Will he help her? No one else can!

Voices she hears...
How can we fight with our fears?
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