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Da Brat - That's What I'm Lookin' For

Albüm Adı:Ghetto Love
Gönderen:Che Guevara
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[Jermaine Dupri]:
Y'all thought we wasn't gonna make a remix to this
I want y'all to bounce wit me, wit me, wit me, wit me
Brat, Missy, JD

Come on

[Missy Elliott]:
Yo, come here baby, let me kiss ya
Let me see what'cha bought when I'm wit'cha
Let me see what'cha talkin bout big shot
If you got that doe, can I get some?
Let me see that Benz, can I drive, dude?
Can I have when I ride right beside you?
Oh, side by side, I got my crew Oh, you act a little funny nigga, fuck you
Cause I'm that bitch wit the six shots
Six blocks, big knots, big tick-tocks
Drop tops, shit won't stop
Y'all flop when Miss' drop, I rock {*dogs bark and growl*}
I'm gon' get'chall
Bang bang to the boogie, take a picture
Of a hot girl and big time
Wit a thong, it's on when I hit'chall
That's what I'm lookin for

[Jermaine Dupri]:
I'm lookin for a bitch that'll switch that thang
from right to left like no other
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