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Earshot - Wake Up

Albüm Adı:The Silver Lining
Gönderen:Che Guevara
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I will be your protector
guided by the light from heaven
I will stand and never be undone
like a flame with a million hours
keeping warm this enchantment
all that goes inside this grace is yours
I'm here, call on me
everything,yeah, you and me
every moment I think of you is...(every thought that shatters)
Love me, love me before you tell me all the reasons why you wouldn't have me
everything's so fucked up in my head
I don't know for sure that's what she said
tell me, tell me please won't you let me tell you how inside I feel so empty
nothing left just thoughts of better times
letting heal this broken heart and mind
I can't find your will to be saved
waking all the fears inside of me
I can't find your will to be saved
wake up find yourself inside me
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