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Edguy - Blessing In Disguise

Albüm Adı:Mandrake
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Living in a screenplay
She had never read the end
And no one else is to see it
The pain of abrasions
Covered with a smile
No one to look underneath

In a lonesome night she ran away
In quest for light and then she found fire

Flying on broken wings
Uprising from the ruins
Living on broken dreams
What a night to come alive
Living on broken wings
What a blessing in disguise
A blessing in disguise
You're a star in a comedy
Never proofread by yourself
So that wicked sense of humor is divine?
And the cries of a bleeding child
May become a vow
Nevermore you'll fall into line

Every long cold night you dream - oh
Rain on you, pain you, you scream
You desire...



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