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Face To Face - Graded On A Curve

Albüm Adı:Shoot The Moon: The Essential Collection
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Its a waste of time
Its a race that cant be won
Call the whole thing off
Well thats easier said than done
And I try to shut it out
And I think Ive figured out
That it makes no sense to compare what Ive done

So what do I do now that Im alone?
Ive been building up and tearing down
and looking for what never can be found

So what do I do now that Im alone?

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God I tried so hard to get here
but still Im averaged out
Graded on a curve

Put the blinders on and believe in someone else
Youre not what they want thats exactly what they sell
And its all been preordained but its never quite the same
Once youve figured out that it makes no sense

And I dont care if Im the one who makes mistakes
And I dont care how long this is going to take
Does it really matter how you played the game
when you were never really in it
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