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Face To Face - Out Of Focus

Albüm Adı:Everything Is Everything
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I knew what I wanted and I was fixed on it
I was sure of it, I couldve been wrong
It seems like its never quite like
I thought itd be
The reality, am I where I belong?

Its not like they said

It feels like most everythings out of focus in my mind
Im trying to make some sense out of what I left behind
The difference in who I am and the one want to be

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It seemed so much easier when there was something to believe

A different perspective now and the world I see
Is in front of me, and everythings wrong
The grass was so much greener when it was next to me
Now its under me, am I where I belong?

The world, it only seems to change from where you look
Much different than the pictures that they took
Its nothing like they said it would be
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