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Fall Behind - Dead End Street

Albüm Adı:Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
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Put this fence across your house.
Get those men to guard your life.
Shove the curtains lock the door check the ceiling check the floor.
Check every single hole in your fucking palace.

We'll be like a big scary wood
In the middle of your neighborhood.
All the killers, thieves and poor
All the beggars, whores and fools

We'll be like a poisonous weed
Growing on dead end street...
All the news that you read in your daily.
Breed the need of illusion of safety...
But it's the dead end street. DEAD END STREET...

You're building a whole damn cities inside our cities
With barbed-wire fence, cameras and guards
And it's not because you are scared
It's because you think you're better

And it's nothing but segregation...

Set these walls on fire.
Break those walls down.

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