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Feed Her To The Sharks - Dead By Dawn

Albüm Adı:Fortitude
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Dead by dawn
Nothing can save me now
Now I lay before you
With 24 hours to live
Falling into darkness
Torn to pieces
Reduced to this
Giving up...
No it's not the answer!
Giving up...
Running from the cancer
I run from an un-escapable fate
Dead by dawn
I'll be buried in the ground
Before you wake close your eyes
Save our pictures from the past
In your dreams

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Now it's time to say goodbye
Time for one last kiss
Buried beneath my lungs
Dies the bitter taste of regret
3 seconds to live...
2 seconds to live...
1 second to live...
Nothing can save me now!
Can you save me now?
Here I lay before you
A fragile Mannequin
I lay motionless...
I close my eyes...
It's time to die...
Dip me up in a body bag
Now I can rest tonight!
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