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Fred Nagel - Just Another Day

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An early morning sweat
pouring like a shower
If only the land was as moist as my skin

But it's not!

So wake up, dry off, take a shower then dry off
It's off to work, because it's time
for a good early morning sweat

Heave! Lift! Leave! Swift!
Inching forward, inching upward
Mother nature now wields her control
Crying from the sky!
Swift comes the storm!

Everybody standing outside
a beautiful high veld storm has arrived
Temperatures, ever so high
Finally show signs, they start to subside

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An early morning shower
Tin roof perspires
Dancing with raindrops, the land comes alive

Cattle that was grazing, now wet and grazing,
sheep in the barn now relieved of the blazing
Fury through the night, the storm still in flight
The racket that's keeping me awake
Dawn now approaches, like a flock full of vultures
Before it the storm will surely flake

A moment of peace, a wonderful break
Now look at the puddle that once was a lake
Tomorrow the boss has a new field to rake
and in the sun, I'll receive another early morning sweat

Now the setting is clear,
and we pray for a better year but in the end
It's all in just another day
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