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Gang Starr - Stay Tuned

Albüm Adı:Step In The Arena & Daily Operation
Gönderen:Che Guevara
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Get with this get with this
get with this cuz you got no choice
Rappers sometimes you'll find make dough
but yo you know they've got no voice
get him off the podium he ain't no speaker
yes he's just a phony and look at his sneakers

played out of style out of rhymes
he's out his mind
lost his way lost his pay
I'm takin' his props so call the cops
you can call 'em but I know 'em
Sweet MCs I think I'll ho 'em
cuz they front so very hard and big or small
I'll break 'em all
Ain't gotta say that I'm the best
my skills will show I passed the test
when it comes to beats and rhymes
we come correctly everytime

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and stay tuned


stay tuned...

Verse Two:

with information like the CNN
I can take you there and then
the rest is up to you to choose
the bottom line is win or lose
suckers suckers suckers don't be listening
so I can't be waitin' on 'em
I ain't got no time to play, do you?
look at the state of things and tell me true
in the city any city life's a paradox of good and evil
Many fall into the vicious cycle
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