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Grup Hepsi - Bad Penny

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Bad penny always turns up
My ex-hot shot has showed up
Obviously once bitten twice shy
Been there done that and come back

Here's my greedy kitten
Yearning for more affection
Can't spoil you forever

Now get your act together
Or I'll find someone hotter
I can always do better

You've still got what it takes
And you play so many games
You've still got what it takes
For as long as that body shakes

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Easy come easy go my boy
Go find yourself some other toy
Stop beating around the bush boy
Knock on someone else's door

I've always waited for this moment
Finally to give you your last payment
You still got what it takes
For as long as that body shakes

You got your own ways I got my own
Mine is to move on yours is .....

Love was good, love was sweet
Love was bitter love was sour
And it was good while it lasted

Easy come easy go..
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