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Hypnosis - On Their Wicked Game

Albüm Adı:Humanoid
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New Life

The first day I thought
I was king of the world
Their faces looking at me
As a god descended on earth

Then the second day came
I had to learn the pain
To learn I was only a pawn

The third day I'll never see...

New life
Created by technology
The ultimate weapon
New life
Created by technology
I'm total perfection

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The way you live
The way you die
I had to learn
To be one of the kind

I'm your clone
But not your brother
Created to kill
But different of others

Consciousness that was asleep
Suddenly came back to life
Enlightening my reality
A machine with the gift of life

I plead for the right to live
The right to think
The right to dream
I plead for the right to lave
The right to cry
The right to die
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