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Imagika - Fade Away

Albüm Adı:And So It Burns
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I cannot sleep
I can't the thoughts too deep
My clammy hands...
The blood it trickles
To my feet though

I wept today
Why ? I forget
The sultry air
It turns to me
As though to say

Do you believe ?
Do you believe or...
Do you deny ?

I rode those storms for you
A trickle of light a beam array
And I die for you each day

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Don't ever forget my love to you...
Never !

Holding you close
Absolving the fear
Drown in your place
In an ocean of tears
Be warm and be relieved
I'll die for your sins
And the glory believe

Chosen foes to lost heroes
Reflect upon the pain
Chosen foes to lost heroes
Reflect upon the pain

The magic in this hidden doorstep
Are potions for your wicked concept
Step through to find yourself again
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