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Jagged Edge - Hard

Albüm Adı:Baby Makin' Project
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Hard! Hard! (oooh)
Hard! Hard! (ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Oh Yea!

Every single night that I been without you girl it's just so hard
Just wanna fight myself cause I know that I was too hard
I shoulda been lovin you, I shoulda been lovin you oh...

Verse 1:
Girl, I aint the same but I gotta get back my name, I done put in all my change to have enough money and get on this plane and come & get my love. I aint leavin' til I get my love. Can you resist my heart & my soul?

Hook 1:
I'm sayin sorry now (saying sorry now) but I know that ain't gon cut it so I'm changing now (so I'm changing now, yes I am)

Chorus (2x)

oooh yea yea (4x)

Verse 2:
Ain't nobody ever loved me like you, I just figured it out, maybe it's too late for me and you, I just can't picture that ( hope it's not too late, not too late for us) Sometimes I feel like me and you's a must
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