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James Lynn Strait - Snot

Albüm Adı:Alive
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We're fixin' to take you down
You know we wear the crown
Just got to mess around
Leave your daughters and sisters with me
Down, down for the fattest sound
We're coming to your town
Making you jump around
Someone's got to do it

Can you slow down, This can't be, cuz you
Know we got, got to have the fat sounds
From S.B., motherfucker said
Is this your soul found, can't you see
And we're coming to your toooown
Break it, smash it, motherfuckin' Snot

Snot, your always knew this, Snot

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Crew, we're undisputed
Snot, you know we rule your world
Clockin' all dem girls
We're takin' yours&no, we'll never stop
Snot, I've got to tell you once again
Don't try&play my crew, 'cause you can't win
I like to hear the sound when you skull cracks
If you do talk back, feel us attack
We're fixin' to take you down
With a fat fuckin' sound, gonna steal your crown
Not here to mess around
I know you hear my voice
'Cause you got no choice
The volume of my crew still undisputed
If you don't move - we gonna roll right over, motherfucker
Down with the groove - everything gonna be alright
I've got to wow the crowd with a sound so loud
Try & front but you know I'm gonna get down
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