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Jean Shepard - Alien Tongue

Albüm Adı:Mercy, Ain't Love Good
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[Riley Martin sample]
I told them of the Hale Bop comet 7 years ago...
It is running if you will notice on our sensors
we have picked up a ship beneath it ...of great dimensions...
All we are trying to do, us humans, is that we shall not die so soon

[Apathy the Alien Tongue]
Over the earth I hover

Spinning whirlwinds in Wheatfield's
While my force fields repel four winds for broken seals
Numbered Sedative Bending my brethren, breaking bread with Yeshua
In Bethlehem,
The last tribal star soul the alien Seth Alam
The devil bears the pentagram, a wormhole& hologram
My body slams man with the heavy grams
Lay the beat down;
Make big connections to the Son of Sam and Uncle Sam
So SamIam keep ya fuckin eggs and ham!
Performing alien brain scans and spiritual exams
While the mother ship lands on holy land
My mental expands with plans to span through the galaxy
I land in farmers crops spelling out the name
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