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Jeffrey Osborne - On The Wings

Albüm Adı:Emotional
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Just smile for me and let the day begin
You are the sunshine that
Lights my heart with in
There goes another night time
There goes another dream
When will it be the right itme
It's later than it seems
I used to wait for you
All that has changed so soon
How much can someone love
A someone like you

I really don't need no light to see through you
I really don't need your love to see me through
I really don't need your heart to set me free
I really don't need the way it used to be

And who was that lone arranger
How did he get to you
Who were those other strangers
What did they make you do
Where was their party from
You with that number one
How could you feel so high
Just living a lie
(Repeat Chorus)
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