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Jeffrey Osborne - Stay With Me Tonight

Albüm Adı:Emotional
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Another morning, you are on my mind,
Takin' up my time through all the day.
I try control, every chance I see,
Always you with me, that's in my dreams.
You give me fever, love I can't explain,
Fire uncontained, what is this, girl?
I try to fight, but I never win,
Seems I just give in to your embrace.

But oh, you try so hard not to say,
Oh, all the things you do to me, and girl, oh,
Oh, my love can't be concealed, girl, you know the deal,
Baby, stay with me tonight.

At my apartment, you've come to the door,
Quarter after four AM, hello.

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We start to kiss, ooh we start to neck,
You know what comes next, and you love it, girl.
But oh, what we have it feels so good,
Oh, and we both knew that it would, and girl,
Oh, the feeling is so right, please come hold me tight,
Baby, stay with me tonight.

'Cause you give me special joy,
Oh, make me feel just like a schoolboy, girl,
Oh, give me feelings of delight,
Please turn out the light,
Baby, stay with me tonight, 'cause I love you
You know I really do love you, girl,
It's been my innermost fantasy
To share my love and to give my love to you through the night!
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