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Jeremiah Freed - Rain

Albüm Adı:Jeremiah Freed
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Take note of where I stand,
notice where I land.
Be sure of nothing, nothing.
Enough of what you say,
I know it's not our fault.
Then why do I agree every time you talk?
and everywhere you go,
is no closer to where I am.
It seems the time it takes is the time that takes you away.

She puts out a cigarette,
To whisper in my ear.
You only feel this way 'cause that's what you're used to.
My memories bare the truth,

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they're the only ones that do.
If I can't plead my cause, then why can you?

I'm living up all your time,
keep the memories pure and strong
in case there's need to hold on too.
I'm living up all your time
Keep the memories pure and strong,
keep them pure and strong cause...

It doesn't feel like rain,
when summer is over.
And I found something else, I found something else.
Does it feel like rain?
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