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Jessie J - I Love The Way You Like It

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J(CHORUS)I I like the way the way you watch me when you start to touch me baby i'm with you dont you quit i'm all fine cause i love the way you like it!

B Girl you make feel devilish right now
J i love the way you like it hey hey i love the way you like it boy
J caught your ride now i'm ready go i see you looking at me cause you wanna know am i feeling your love am i feeling your love lose your mind lose control just let go of it all its ok how the play i dont wanna be waiting no more hey hey hey cause i'm feeling your love


B cant get enough of you so greedy love it how your hand me up on chest so freely look into my eyes show some emotion why does your body move like a wave on the ocean 43,48,46,49 look into me so let me rock them hips tryin to be on me while she lick them lips give it to me girl now you like it like this gotta slick smooth better watch what i say baby girl take a night when we play our things promise im gonna stop please im no quiter x aint no jerk jerks are so iller i aint _ girl cause i like your love thats you thats me ive said what i done i dont rest yeah show some afection cause will be your protection


B i do like this for sure oh do we really have to do this J uh -yes

B ok
J dont stop
B this is my style i aint no quiter this is what i do
J uh-yes lets go like that
B like that
J uh-yes now dont stop

i love the way you watch me watch me watch me yeah baby im the one an dont you quit cause im fine i love the way you like it
B i love my style this way hey but the way you look at me like a frame
J baby im all fine im al fine cause i love the way you like it
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