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Jhene - Snippe

Albüm Adı:You Got Served Soundtrack
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Verse 1
Me and you could not be
More unhappy with eacother, it's true
But I just don't understand what makes
Such a nice guy
Turn so cold and start acting
So funny with me
(Deep Breath) (Deep Breath)

If I had a dime for
All of the times I
Tired to call you
But you didn't

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Answer the phone
I would be a rich girl
But lonely since you
Always stay out one stay out one

Danm I just don't know
What it is
That's got me
Stuck like this
St St st Stuck like this Stuck like this
Damn it fells like I'm dyinI can't stop cyin'
What is it that's
Got me stuck like this
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