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Jim Jones - Summer Wit' Miami

Albüm Adı:Harlem: Diary of a Summer
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(feat. Trey Songz)

[Jim Jones Talking]
See rap music is subliminal
But the music for us is like our own diary
Something like a confession
They tell me life is a bitch
She's something like the seasons just like mother nature
She comes and goes as she please
That's why they get their period once a month
I say that to say this
If you think that bitch
Summer is yours
She could be cheating on you

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Ya heard

[Verse 1 (Jim Jones)]

Got me feeling like opium
I'm tryna dance with the loaded M
open a bottle and it goes around
I'm leaving drunk by 4 am
And watch me jump in the golden benz
Top down with the pokey rims
And now i'm swerving so you know i'm bent
I lost count so who knows what I spent
I recall nine clevage
Bitches stepping on my nice sneakers with
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