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John Cena - We Didn't Want You To Know

Albüm Adı:You Can't See Me
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[20 second instrumental to open]

[Chorus: John Cena]
If you don't know by now, we runnin the game
Neck froze, got a mill' on the chain
Show respect to Cen' and Trade
Cut the check, believe we're paid
Y'all waitin for the single to drop
Look down on the charts cause we sittin on top
Everybody else feelin the flow
If you don't know by now (we didn't want you to know)

[John Cena] Get nasty, doin dirt don't put it past me
"Appetite for Destruction," +Axl+ couldn't +Slash+ me
I got hounds that found where your stash be
They play my sound in towns, rats harass me
They know I'm nice, they ain't bettin on you
That's like playin roulette and bettin on blue
Cena gon' blow - you goin no place
Snatch your dame, show her my old face
Still walk tall with a staggered stance
Plus I hold on the club like I was Bagger Vance
Make you breakdance for me, have you doin headspins
Ship you to D.C., covered in Redskins
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