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John Kay - Everybody Knows You

Albüm Adı:Feed the Fire
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Words and music by John Kay and Michael Wilk

Ah, it's you again, you're back for more
Let me tell you right now, you just keep walkin' past my door
You got nothin' I want, just a pack of lies
That you're down here scrounging, well it's no surprise
For your lies came back to haunt you
Now they're bound to dog your heels
In your eyes I see the panic
Now you know just how it feels

Everybody knows you, everybody saw Everybody knows you, everybody knows just what you are
Everybody knows you, everybody heard
Everybody knows you, everybody knows you tried to screw the world

Say what you will, do what you like
Ain't gonna change a thing with your sleazy alibis
You got nowhere to hide, no place to go
Everybody 'round here's just waitin' for the show
For it's time to pay the piper
Yeah, to pay him what you owe
You can't buy your absolution
No, you got to eat some crow
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