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John Mellencamp - Weakest Moments

Albüm Adı:American Fool
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Well, I hear you downstairs;
You're foolin' around with your father's brother
And your mother's gown.

All the old heroes keep coming round
To find out if you're still at home.

So you lie in the sun, watch your body turn to tan.
Your skin is oiled with the sweat of a man.

He bought you a diamond ring, girl, to wear on your hand.
And baby, he's leaving tomorrow.

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Yeah, I'll be with you in your weakest moments, uh huh.
Yeah, I'll be there with you in your weakest moments.

You say you remember when it was your world
And you were Mister Ruby's girl.
He gave you dreams and schemes that swirl
Around your head and your body.

And when you drink sometimes, you try to liberate.
And you stagger in the front yard till you find the gate
That swing on that thin line of love and hate.
And baby, just let it go.
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