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John Michael Montgomery - I Never Stopped Lovin' You

Albüm Adı:Leave a Mark
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(Carson Chamberlain&Gary Harrison&Mark Wills)

I guess everybody goes to the grocery store - even me
There's no tellin' who in the world there you're gonna see
Lost in space at the cash-only aisle number three
I came face-to-face with an old memory

Caught by surprise I felt I was gasping for air
Paper or plastic can't you see man I don't really care
She hadn't noticed me and I thought I'd leave it that way
Then her eyes met mine and from that point there was no escape

I said it's wonderful to see you
This is sure a nice surprise

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Your little girl is lovely
No doubt she's got your eyes
Yeah, it looks like it might rain today
But I guess we're overdue
Oh and by the way - I never stopped lovin' you

I remember where you got that sweatshirt you're wearinDo you?
I won it at the county fair back in '92
Yeah, I'm still playin' softball with the same old bunch
In a lot of way things haven't changed very much

I said it's wonderful to see you
This is sure a nice surprise
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