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John Michael Montgomery - Oh How She Shines

Albüm Adı:Kickin' It Up
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(Doug Johnson&Pat Bunch)

Darling I have a true confession
I ran into an old flame today
You wouldn't like the way our conversation
Turned to how we let each other slip away
I was reminded of a half forgotten feeling
One I shared with her so long ago
Since honesty is one thing we believe in
Let me tell you something you should know

Oh how she shines
Shines a light on you And in that light I see
Just how much you mean to me
Oh how she shines

There was a time when she was all that mattered
Long before I gave my heart to you
But standing there only inches from her
She touched my hand and suddenly I knew
If there was a time I ever doubted
What I'd do if she walked through my door
Could I turn around and leave without her
With all my heart now I can say for sure
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