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Joss Stone - Put Your Hands On Me

Albüm Adı:Colour Me Free!
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one two three

I guess I'm picky with love
Oh baby I give up its you i choose
And don't keep me waiting
This girl got things she needs to do
If I was blind you'll help me see
If I lost my mind you'll find it for me
Speak on it babe tell me what do you need
Because all i need you to love me baby

(put your hands on me baby)
Put your hands on me baby
You got me flipping
(put your hands on me baby)
Put your hands on me baby

Can't stop my mind from thinking of ya
How am i suppose to function
Got me feigning for your lips on my kiss all night
I never want no other lover
Baby I'm hungry i want and i need
Bring me your sugar and pour it all over me, baby


One taste im tripping

Up til now my eyes could see

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Touch me once and it's all hazy
I don't know why and I don't know how
But somehow someway you got me

I can't explain, can't comprehend
The world could reach it's very end
And all I focus is on him
The way he moves he found his groove
There's nothing left to do but
Tell the world the truth
Cause there's now way out
I love him
I feel him
Uh, I'm loving those hands
Put your hands me baby


Just kiss me baby
Tell me your mine
Put your hands on me, baby
Put you hands on me baby
You got me Flipping
One more time
Put you hands on me baby
Put your hands on me baby
One taste im trippin
Just kiss me baby tell me you're mine
Put your hands one me baby
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