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Juelz Santana - Back Again

Albüm Adı:From Me to U
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well i guess you back again, back with my forty five got a new car to drive
charging to stay alive, back again, same gangsta team new gangsta lean chasing the fucking green, back again bently to the back throwing welly tags lady's holla back, back again, this time we here to stay aint got no time to play stay out my fucking way. back agian

just like flash was,
bad like shaft was ,
react like cashews ,
what he did up in the ring with his back up ,
against the ropes jab,jab,back up.
It's all for what?
all for us,
all for bucks,
you chumps remind me of mr.softy trucks icy niggas, bannana boat, milkshake, icecream niggas,
i dont like these niggas, nope.
I pop shots hot glocks shoot through vans too,
oh boo bop blew ban boo move,
and i'm fo really with this milly yo,
leave many hoes like the cereal cheerios,
you into funny money,
i'm raking the silly dough,
the type that dont really fold,
just sitting and getting old,
I got the game in a loop kid kind of like snoop did,
its more then me its more the music i'm(hook)
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