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Juelz Santana - Gangsta Shot

Albüm Adı:What the Game's Been Missing!
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Guess what....
I'm back
[Beat Starts]
AYE.......SANTANA.....DIP-SET BITCH! you know, you know...

We say G'd up, we make these bucks,we make things jump,
No thanks to you
We blaze weed up,we invade these clubs,we make things jump,
No thanks to you(you)
From the beat to the boogie,to the street to the hoodie
This is gangsta shit,gangsta shit
Baby to get down to the beat and just boogie to the beat, shake ya tushy
If you like gangsta shit

[verse 1]
Gangsta Niggas (come) Gangsta bitches,(come)
Get on up,get gangsta with us(umm..)
Or should I say,get gangsta with me,
I gangsta boogie through this gangsta city(watch me)
Get dough, hit hoes, quick froze, big 4, get low 'fore i bang at you(watch me)
Pitch flow, big blow, big bank, big rolls you know, no thanks to you(you)
And shorty you can catch me stunt (stunt)
Off the weed yup (yup),screamin
These nuts (nuts)
G's up (up), hoe's down
Thats how it's been, how it is and how it goes down (so)
From my young G's wiht the clip and the black 5th(come)
For my OG's wit the pik with the black fist(come)
(umm...)This gangsta shit,
Full blown gangsta shit,
You know gangsta shit...AYE
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