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Juelz Santana - Mic Check

Albüm Adı:What the Game's Been Missing!
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I've been paying attention to whats going on out there man(yup!)
I've been watching you niggas stealing my ways and shit (uh-huh)
and it's getting out of control now (out of control)
Ima start tellin you niggas like i tell my bitches (listen)
dont watch me watch T.V. (yeah)
this is Pay Per View nigga
you gotta pay for this.. (Santana)

[Verse 1]
Aye First let me take time to brush my shoulders off wait....I had to dust my shoulders off (thanks)
ya been waiting been patient,been anxious,
now I here for bring back me the greatness (yes)
da rap Ali,jab i weave
then come back with da same jab times three I blow smoke to the heaven
I'm so dope it's a weapon
Raps one big casino
Im plottin ocean eleven
aye i might have sold the least
but i still manage to most feared by most MCs (good)
who dope as me who close to me
for sure papi nobody
yea thats hows its supposed to be
now listen you could either comprehend it or compliment it
its all authentic
yup but you better believe whenever i say no homo
you could bet your balls i meant it.(AYE!!)
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