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Juelz Santana - Now What

Albüm Adı:From Me to U
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Let's do it

[Intro: Juelz Santana Intro]
Okay (Jazze)
We in the motherfucking building (Dip Set bitch)
I heard my man T.I. is the motherfucking king of the south (uh huh)
Well I'm the the motherfucking prince of the city
(you already know)(Santana)
And when the king and the prince get together it's nothing but royalty
(roll the mat out)
So we going to get down like this

[Juelz Santana]
Now if I ain't gangsta who is You is truth is you ain't I am who this clown ass nigga
I'm a straight led spitter straight bread getter
Up north hustler with a bank head nigga now bounce!
That's just jazze on the beat again
Tappin on machines again its cracking threw your speakers in
That's what it sounds like when I'm in the South right
Put it down put it round bouncing threw your town like
Uh bang first play second aim first prey second make dirt day heaven
I'm a crack baller straight sevens mack holder spray seven at your back soldier
I walk through the club like everybody pussy
Yeah T.I. with me snatching everybody cookies
The fifth on me case anybody push me
Let it fly let it fly like everbody push me
Stop frontin like you bang head nigga
Till you bang head whether real bang head nigga
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