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Juelz Santana - Oh Yes

Albüm Adı:What the Game's Been Missing!
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(whoa yes wait-a, whoa yes)
Okay (get up, get up)
DipSet (wa-a-a, wa-a) (uh oh)
Juelz Santana (whoa yes wait-a)
Heatmakerz (whoa yes)(clap)
I think this the one right here (everybody, come on, get up)(whoa yes wait a minute mr mr mr)
Huh, he's moving again

[Juelz Santana]
I'm like (oh yes)
I'm nice (wait mr mr)
Still pitching (weight)
Still flipping (weight), yeah
So come fuck with the boy
I'm still pumping the boy I'll still dump on the boy
Blue steel pump to the boy
I'm Mr. Postman, also Mr. Toastman
I'm yelling (wait), yeah I'm selling (weight), hey
I keep my chick on smash like a muhfucker
Thick lips, hips, tits, ass like a muhfucker
I get big chips, cash like a muhfucker(yup)
I don't (wait), nope, I won't (wait), yeah
I explore and cruise
Islands and shores that's new(new)
Bring the boat out, smoke out
Watch the water move(move)
I'm a water dude, jet skis, water pools
Surfing the (wave), I'm hurting the (wave),yeah
Like, Cowabunga, dude
This forty cali-caliber cowabunga you
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