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King Parrot - Dead End

Albüm Adı:Bite Your Head Off
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Dead end bender
Things are getting better but they're always getting worse
Two steps forward with a needle in a purse
Suicide a secret she would never deny
If deaths in the way of getting high
You're loaded to the hilt
Dead end bender no agenda
High heel stilts
Dead end bender no agenda
Fallin' down the stairs
Dead end bender no agenda
Trippin' over pills
Dead end bender no agenda

If you always do what you've always done You always get what you always got
If it gets too hard, you just wanna stop
You take too much and you're starting to drop

Over and over again
The scene's all fucked with your dead end friends
My head is on the mend
I say goodbye, then I see you again
When will it stop
When will you go
I'm done with the smack and the booze and the blow
Shits hit the fan
I start to see
Your old world don't involve me
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