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Korovakill - The Bleeding Lap Of Undines

Albüm Adı:Waterhells
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Follow us to our Realms of Pleasure
You will not want to return
All the Pain of Veins not open
Streams away here in our Lap

Leave me be here in my Darkness
Do not search to loose your Heart
Hundreds tried, now crying forever
All my Paths are stained with Blood

Come, return, and rest a Moment
Leave the peaceless Storms behind
Tired you are from your long Journey
Rest a While here in our Arms
Go away, my Curse is hopeless
See my Scars not healed by Time
Lost are those who want me staying
All my Tears were just Goodbyes

Do not smell my poisoned Roses
Do not drink my heavy Wine
Lost are those who've kissed my Fevers
All my Words are just Goodbyes

Once I've touched the Queen of Undines
Unreal Dreams she brought to me
Just one Kiss made her immortal
Through my Soul now unredeemed
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