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Kyprios - Daddy

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Let's get it straight, ur moms fuckin' hates me
I ain't good enough for her pudding pop baby
Crazy but it may be true, boo hoo
See me on the street don't assume that we're cool
Til I do, all of your friends, follow them in
To a park or apartment they can swallow again and then
I post the pix on ur facebook site
So u see what my new O face looks like
"Oh oh" pretty fuckin' sweet right?
Tell ur ma when she see my ma there'll be a street fight
Lifestyle I filled with stupid little stuff
And my raps and my skills ain't lucrative enough?
For her princess, princess, princess
Mostly royalty is brought about by incest
Investigate or estimate the STD's
That you'll receive for fuckin' with me at least three...

She don't call me daddy anymore
She'll only tell u I'm an asshole
She's tellin everybody I know
I know, well I know She don't call me daddy anymore
She'll only tell you I'm an asshole
She's tellin' everybody I know
Yeah, I know

This ain't the Montagues or the Capulets
I got the wrap it up box bitch I'll wrap it up quick
Now even my cat got beef with ur cat too
Jack him for his catnip, murk him for his cat food
That's true, he doesn't even have to
I guess good pussy just knows and is glad to
Do what they supposed to do as opposed to you
Soap opera episode so true, so u
High maintenance, why am I wasted in my time?
Why u stickin' around, aint gonna get mine?
U ain't fine, u ain't shit
Cocky trick go to H-E- double hockey sticks
Yeah, I owe u money come and get it back
Actually keep ur fuckin' hands in ur honey sack dummy
What u still love me?
Get Pescie'd like Ginger in Casino honey bunny I'm gone...

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