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Mack 10 - Only In California

Albüm Adı:Based on a True Story
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[Ice Cube]
Speak on it my nigga, speak on it (and my heat go)


Only in California
Where niggaz pull heat and run up on ya (get your grind on)
Only in California (California)
Where niggaz pull heat and run up ya (run up on ya)

Ice Cube the mutherfuckin don
Snoop Doggy Dogg a.k.a. Tha Doggfather
Mack 10 alias the Chicken Hawk
Gangstas with rules
Cause youse the niggaz with no rules
ain't got nothing to lose, we got everything to lose
Threw his ass in, he feel the fin of the baracuda
I negotiate Mack is the shooter
You the nigga on the journey strapped to this gurney
We break breads with accountants and attorneys
Currency never worry me (never)
Who's got the balls to murder me
Degree higher than a 33
Tell em what you drank (Hennessy)
Never tell em what you thinkin
Never tell em where the body stankin
Fuck Lincoln, fuck Jackson, bankin Franklin what you thankin
Hope your man come with the ransom
Let me see you dance on, no longer handsome
If you don't drop off than walk off, watch him, watch him
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