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Magnum - Broken Wheel

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You cried all nioght,
It looks like rain upon your face.
Come early light,
It's time to get back in the race.
Now there's no doubt,
The world's a cold and lonely place.
It sucks you in,
Chews you up and spits you out.
But I know where you've been,
That door's easy to walk in.
Like a broken wheel keeps turnin',
You ain't going nowhere,
Now you've gotta heal that burnin',
Or you ain't got a prayer,
Like a broken wheel.
You're not alone. Someone somewhere feels just like you
But you don't know
Which way to turn or what to do.
No need to ask,
I'll pull you through these troubled times
So hold on fast
I'll drag you to the finish line
'Cos I know where you've been,
That door's easy to walk in.
Had enough now your heart's breakin',
Bad enough you hesitatin',
Keep your head, you gotta stand your ground.
A fool for love, you get mistaken,
Can't forget the hurt you've taken,
This old world has really got you down
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