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Magnum - Every Woman, Every Man

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If they could see you right now,
And know where you came from,
Lonely one.
Don't cry now,
Now you're really someone,
Tbat puts lines on your face,
That's outta place.
You really got what you wanted,
You really got where you wanted to be.
You can't live this way forever,
Like an island made of sand.
We all need to be together, Every woman, every man.
You walk a crooked path,
You can't look back and see,
How short your memory.
There you go, Only foolin' yourself,
Soeone's gonna get hurt,
You won't be the first.
You really got what you wated,
You really got where you wanted to be
You'll have to take it on your own,
When you wake up to find that everything is gone.
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