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Manowar - All Men Play On 10

Albüm Adı:Sign of the Hammer
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Original Lyrics

I made a rock'n'roll sin
When I tried givin in to
make money had to turn down low.
They said, "why be proud, don't play so loud,
be like us and get a sound that's real thin.
Wear a polyester suit, act happy look cute
get a haircut and buy small gear"
That's when I turned to them and said,
"hold it, right there!"
Well it's more to me than just a job,
and while I'm playin' you won't get robbed.
Nobody tells a man how to play,
It just ain't that way hey, hey, hey,
can you hear me say...

All men play on ten,
never gonna turn down again.
All men play on ten,
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