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Mario - Boom

Albüm Adı:Turning Point
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uh yeh
uh wot up c'mon c'mon
don't stop don't stop

Juvenile and mario here and we on deck
so stay tuned to your programmes coz we on next
i wanna see the women catching the wall
unless she got that disease no ass at all
for the hood for the club, videos or whatever
i got the old skool the bentley or the porshe carrera
profilin' with the top off.. whilinlookin' for a dime piece that i can knock off

up in the spot sippin' on a little sumthinfeeling like this joint bout to pop off
lookin' around tryin' to spot a little sumthintryin to see what somebody's talkin' bout
and if it's good, i'm gonna let 'em in

[ reklamı gizle / hide ads ]
chew a lil' bit of game, all up in my ear
i think i found a window over here
homegirl, it's all up in my face like

ohhhhhhhohohhh yes indeed
all we needed is a hell of a beat like
ewwewweww and we gon jerk coz i feelin like yeah tonight
hold up its like

boom thats that beat we like
that make the party jump up
boom dj spin that twice
we about to tear this club up
boom ladies you gotta move sum coz
boom the fellas wanna see you shake summi
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