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Mario - Chick With The Braids

Albüm Adı:Mario
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girl so bad, you'd be like how
finer than my ex, and the girl I've got now
5 foot frame, shorty keeps it tight
and if you wit your girl, best be lookin for a fight
cuz a brotha's gonna stop and stare
reprecautions mean you wont care
and one look is never enough
she be walkin and be talkin with so much love
man I'm tellin you
if you think she's bad then look at her crew
tell me whats a brotha to do

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sophisticated and she's gangsta too

That chick with da braids (chick with da braids)
in a escalade (escalade)
oh hunnie lookin one with the chocolate skin
but I heard she was trifflin (she be lookin warm)
girls got the braids, sportin DK shades (DK shades)
hunnie lookin one with the caramel skin
but I heard they were trifflin
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