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Albüm Adı:The Future of R&B, Pt. 18
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Ooh ooooh
Ooh ooh ohhyeahh

God broke the mold,
When he made this one I know
She's breathtaking but so much more
She walks in the room, your LUNGS CLOSE
Making you never want to breathe again
Her boyfriend has got so much dough
So much ice his neck and wrist froze

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Is he faithful to her? Hell no
But she chose to be with him, shorty

Tell me is the money worth your soul
Tell me what's the reason that you hold on
When you know that dude has a whole wall of 'em just like you
And girl you're just way too fine
Gotta be treated as one of a kind
Girl use your mind
Don't be just another dime

Because I can't take
Seeing you with him
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