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Mario - Girl I Need

Albüm Adı:Turning Point
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(I said i got) I got the material things but that dont matter i trade it all if i can have her
perfect girl in my life that will make it right

[Baby Cham]
I need a girl with finess look good in a dress to kiss and caress i need a woman with less drama
stress no fethumaness i need a female who would know what to do when the cops come through who if
things get dim she'll put on her timbs and role with the crew i need a girl who smart who thinks
with her heart when things falling apart i need a girl if i need a pint of blood she'll donate
a quart i need a lady who will trust me when im out at night one who when its my darkest hour
shes my ray of light

she dont want my money she just wants me only and i when i need loving she quick to put it on
me mami's a soldier and a roller and thats just that girl i need..

la dee dee la dee dee dee da dee day if your out there girl im on my way
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