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Mario - Sparkle

Albüm Adı:D.N.A.
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Oh someone has just excited me
And made me know where I want to be
Where are you now?
But this sparkle couldn't stand the chill
In the darkest room of our world
Where am I now

And everywhere we go
We always run
From what I don't know

And we think we have the answer
Ah but we've not
And now we've been on our own for ages
So what have we done?

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She's broke many people with her ways
Your pale eyes water as her body decays
She's on her way down
Forget about her all in a bath
But these words are scratched on her chest
"Where are you now"

And everywhere we go
Whether we run, walk or crawl
You turn to me and I still don't know

And we think we have the answer
But we've not
Ah here she comes
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