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Pro Pain - Life's Hard

Albüm Adı:Straight to the Dome
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What did the father say to the son?
He said crack the safe boy, get the gun
It's time to wash up the dirty hand
Gonna fatten you up kid, rape the land

Cause once we get some then we'll want more
It's safe to call this an all out war
You fend for yours, i'll defend whats mine
I declare discrimination by design

Life's hard. can't let those who have, get.
Been at the bottom far too long
Get to cause of what went wrong
And set the sights on a brand new day
How nice to see you see things my way

I'll plot the course to proceed ahead
But the pain wont stop till i see red
Way back in the corner of my mind
I can see extermination of mankind

Life's hard. can't let those who have, get.
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