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Rana Ilahi - Helalim

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I am beware to touch your hand, to look in your eyes,
without you being halal for me.
Blessing of our home, both day and night, every corner should smell like quran, let's not be silent and read.

Happy the two of us,
Heaven, our common goal.

Your affection with mine
My affection with yours
The Lord should blindfold us
To each other, my lover
It is not your beauty,
I fell in love with you, praising Allah

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This love is not meant to be for everybody
Our wedding is held in the sky

Let's not follow the bad (evil)
We will find peace in our praying
This ending world cannot fool us,
Saying every prayer together

Come on; answer my affection for the sake of god.
Like Hz Ali and Fatima our guides (parents)
I will be the pronunciation , you the meaning of love
Come on; answer my affection for the sake of god.
Like Hz Muhammed and Ayse our guides (parents)
Answered 'blindfolded” to the question of how he loved her
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