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Sonic Syndicate - Only Inhuman

Albüm Adı:Only Inhuman
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My presence of mind
Gave away the route to find
Incessant self-discipline... and i took it to my heart
In return it besieged all my emotions
In return it raped my consciousness
Can no longer tell if this is my voice
Or the thing deep inside of me

Will i ever find my refuge now
Ever know myself again
Will i ever learn to treasure the ones i care for
Everyone leaves in the end
Doesn't matter how hard you hold on
Doesn't matter how much you drain your heart for
Trust kill on my mind

How do you define
The infestation of mine
How do you define
A invocation of a fallen...

Searching for something better
Will i ever find something better?

All that's left of me are counterfeit emotions
All that's left of me is an artificial soul
Even so a black void in this synthetic core
Will always mark where, where the heart used to beat...
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