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Tha Last Meal - Snoop Dogg

Albüm Adı:Tha Last Meal
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Me and my partner in my impala
Poppin on collars tossin up dollars
A truck on the side of us but who wanna follow
Bet a hundred dollars that they all wanna swallow
Doggy Doggfather
I do it to you real hard then it gets hot its nada
Thang on mine bang on mine
I smoke an ounce and bounce at the same time
Its off the limbo with Timbo you motherfuckin bimbo
So quit knockin at my window you nympho
Maniac bring it back now shake it up
Put it on the table now break it up
Give it to me now put a lighter on the end of it
It really dont matter what you spent on it
As long as youre gettin what you paid for
Thats what its made for aint that what you stayed for?

[chorus] Whos that dippin in the Cadillac?
Snoop Dogg
Smoke till your eyes get cataracts
Snoop Dogg
Youve got a girl lay her on her back
Snoop Dogg
Millionaire makin that paper stack
Snoop Dogg

You play me and Ill play you
You pay me and Ill pay you
Hold on boo you got the game all wrong
This aint your thang this my song
Move on we in the club at the Shark Bar
Valet my keys and park my car
No snap shots cuz I might get popped
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